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CPAs who are Good Defensive Drivers Still need Personal Umbrella Insurance!

We often hear from CPAs that they are good defensive drivers and serious accidents will not happen and question the need of having a personal umbrella policy. Experience indicates that CPAs are good drivers, however any time on the road a serious accident can occur where the CPA may be only slightly or not negligent resulting in a lawsuit for an amount substantially greater than the limit available under the primary auto policy.

Here are two actual claims that occurred under the AICPA PLUS Plan that may settle for an amount significantly higher than the primary insurance limits.

Lane Change on Highway - $5 Million Lawsuit
 CPA was driving his SUV with the spouse in the front seat and their two children in the back seat. Insured had cruise control on and was moving within the speed limit. The CPA signaled on the turning indicator and started to change lanes from the left into the center lane. CPA heard a noise and moved the vehicle back into the left lane. Unfortunately a quick small contact was made with another vehicle. The other vehicle lost control, spun around and went off the side of the road into a steep embankment. 
There were five people in the other vehicle. Four of the five individuals in the other vehicle were wearing seat belts. The passenger not wearing the seat belt was ejected from the vehicle and sustained serious brain injuries. Although the claimant was not wearing the seat belt this fact cannot be used to provide assert contributory negligence by the claimant in the state where the accident occurred.

Metal Part Falls from Truck - $5 Million Lawsuit
CPA driving on a highway is behind a commercial truck and a metal part falls off the back of the truck. The CPA alertly swerves to avoid the falling object and proceeds onto the road shoulder. Unfortunately, there is a vehicle in the tight shoulder area and the vehicle owner is changing a flat tire. Contact is made with the parked vehicle causing the vehicle to strike the owner who was changing the flat tire. The claimant suffers severe bodily injuries resulting in a large lawsuit against the CPA.
A simple event on the road even when we are practicing safe driving habits can lead to a major accident with serious financial consequences. 

AICPA PLUS Plan for you and your family when you are on the road!

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The examples above are illustrative and are not intended to establish any standards of care, serve as legal advice appropriate for any particular situations or provide an acknowledgement that any given situation is covered under any CNA insurance policy. Only the relevant insurance policy can provide the actual terms, coverages, amounts, conditions and exclusions. The statements and opinions expressed above are those of the author and may not reflect those of any third parties including the CNA companies. CNA is a service mark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.